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Alzheimer's Prevention Plan

Alzheimer’s disease and age-related memory loss are on the increase.The burden this places on sufferers, their families and health care systems is immense. In this reassuring and practical book, top nutritionist and mental health expert Patrick Holford argues that memory decline and Alzheimer’s disease can be arrested and prevented. He explains that you can reduce your risks significantly if you take early action.

You can also improve your memory and concentration at any age. The Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan is based on cutting-edge research into nutritional medicine from experts around the world. It contains a specially formulated Alzheimer’s prevention diet and a ten-step plan to enhance your memory, which includes:

  • Memory-boosting vitamins and minerals 
  • Essential fats that help your brain think faster 
  • Simple lifestyle changes and exercises to keep your mind young 
  • A mood-boosting diet that’s easy to follow Inspiring case studies 
  • Simple things you can do today to feel better tomorrow
  • Alzheimer's Prevention Plan