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Irish Beauty   
May 2016

Natural Winners
"iiaa brands jane iredale and Advanced Nutrition Programme were recognised for their excellence in natural skin care and make-up at the Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016."

Aesthetic Medicine
10 May 2016

The Advanced Nutrition Programme wins at Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2016
“The Advanced Nutrition Programme has been recognised in the Natural Health International Beauty Awards, receiving a highly commended award in the category: Beauty From Within.”

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Body Language Line Logo

5 February 2015

Skin Accumax top for inner beauty
Advanced Nutrition Programme’s Skin Accumax, the supplement for problem skin, has won a prestigious Best Product 2015 award from leading US professional beauty magazine Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa. The awards honour outstanding aesthetic and spa products and equipment. Skin Accumax was selected in the Inner Beauty category by the magazine’s Educational Committee based on rave reviews from readers and from attendees of The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa.

“Winning the Best Product award underlines the incredible impact that Skin Accumax is making in the world-wide marketplace. Customer feedback tells us that it not only gives people a new way to maintain clear skin but that it helps them to feel good too,” comments iiaa head of nutrition Lorraine Perretta.  

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Brides Magazine LogoBrides Magazine
September/October 2015

13 Hair tweaks to make now
You will want it to be longer, shinier and thicker. Brides Magazine's pick of the top 13 tricks include Nail Science!

Skin Defender buy now"Nail Science capsules don't only strangthen your nails, they also give you incredible thickness thanks to biotin, zinc and copper - all essential for strong hair growth."

Fit & Well fit and well logo
August 2015

Yes, you can get a healthy tan
In a feature looking at the dos and don'ts of staying safe in the sun, Skin Defender is included in their sun-safe picks. "Helps support your skin from the inside out."

Skin Defender buy now

Daily Telegraph Online logo
21 July 2015

Top 10 beauty boosters
"A fantastic piece of coverage for Skin Vit A + in The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine and The Telegraph's online Beauty Edit Section. Among other top vitamin brands, Skin Vit A + is recommended as a smart supplement for your skin and hair./

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to read the full article.
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Health & Fitness H & F Logo
July 2015

Beauty News
Sun Pack is recommended in Health & Fitness's Beauty Notebook section for inside-out care during the summer months'. "Slathering on SPF cream is not the only way to support your skin in the sun. Supplements that focus on inside-out skin health are also useful. Advanced Nutrition Programme's Sun Pack offers a three pronged approach, thanks to the Skin Defender with antioxidant protection; Skin Vitality, a multi-vitamin; and moisturising omega-3, to get your skin in optimum condition." 

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Cosmopolitan Online Cosmo Logo
24th June 2015

The beauty supplements we swear by
In an article looking at the beauty supplements Cosmopolitan's beauty team swear by, Beauty Director Inge van Lotrigen selects the Advanced Nutrition Programme's Skin Omegas +. "It's the one supplement I never forget to take. I consider them as essential for for supple skin as my moisturisers and fluid intake. I favour the Advanced Nutrition Programme's Skin Omegas. They have added vitamin A, another vital skin nutrient, and come in brilliant re-sealable 'snack packs'."

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Marie Claire Online Marie Claire Online Logo
2 June 2015

How our beauty director makes breakfast ridiculously healthy
Marie Claire's Beauty Director, Lisa Oxenham, created a video explaining her morning breakfast and supplement routine. Skin Vitality 2 is listed as one of her daily supplements. "I've tried everything and these are great."

Click here to watch the video 

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Good Housekeeping Good HouseKeeping
May 2015

Glossy, glamorous and agelessly beautiful
Skin Omegas + was recommended as a youth-boosting beauty and well-being trick and trialled for 30 days. "Women lacking in Omega 3 can suffer from dehydration, spotty areas, breakouts and general poor skin health. After a month of trialling Skin Omegas +, our tester said her skin seemed less dry and a whole lot more bouncy.

Skin Vit A buy now

Stamford Living Stamford Living Logo
April 2015

Great skin for every decade
Beauty journalist Genevieve Potter enlists the help of some local beauty experts to answer questions on how to make the best of your skin, whatever age. Along with jane iredale mineral make-up, regular doses of vitamin A and antioxidants are recommended. The Advanced Nutrition Progamme is the brand suggested by Aimee from the Advanced Skin Clinic. 

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6 February 2015 

Adult acne: why you get it and how to fight it's lifestyle and beauty channel looks at the ongoing struggle with adult acne. Skin Accumax is recommended as a solution people are turning to."Consider a supplement. There are a host to choose from that are designed to help balance the skin from the inside out and give it the nutrients it needs; Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Accumax is great for getting to the root of the cause and helping to reduce scarring and and marks.

Click here to read the full article Skin Vit A buy now


Prima Prima Logo
November 2014

Natural ways to perfect your skin
Prima looks at a range of different skin issues, including acne, that affect adults and how to help prevent them from being triggered.
Skin Accumax is recommended as one of six new soothers for troubled skin.

Skin Vit A buy now 

Cosmo Logo14 November 2014 

8 ways to fight skin torturing pollution
ANP Skin Antioxidant features in Cosmopolitan beauty director's feature on pollution and your skin.
ANP's Lorraine Perretta comments on the effects pollution can have on your skin - "Cell oxidation is a major problem for city slickers. The inflammation it causes starts inside the body and depletes its natural store of antioxidants, so it's important to top them up by eating rainbow-coloured fruit & veg and vitamin e-rich avocados, nuts & olive oil.

Click here to read the full article Skin Vit A buy now

Red Red Logo
August 2014 

Beauty Notebook - pro tip

Lorraine Perretta, nutritional consultant at the iiaa, gives a great tip to readers: "If you always forget to take your beauty supplement, keep it on your desk at work."
She recommends taking Skin Vit A+.

Skin Vit A buy now


 Musings of a London Beauty Addict

8 July 2014

Freelance beauty and travel journalist Mitra Wicks writes about her experiences taking Skin Accumax.
"Within about two months my skin started to improve. Another four months went by and my face was completely clear. I was flabbergasted - and I don't use the word flabbergasted lightly... These white nuggets of vitamin-rich goodness really do work and have zero side effects. I can honestly say I have never been happier with the condition of my skin."

Click here to read the blog onlineSkin Vit A buy now

Telegraph logoDaily Telegraph Online
11 February 2014

We're delighted that Katy Young form Telegraph Fashion has "i-Spied" Skin Vit A+.

"Vitamin A is essential for good skin, and I, like 90 per cent of us in the UK, wasn't getting enough. Until now"

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to read the feature online
Skin Vit A buy now
20 December 2013

12 ways to beat party burnout
“Parties, overwork and stress can all deplete the system of essential nutrients  over the party season. The Advanced Nutrition Programme Party Pack, £39.95, has three daily supplements containing essential nutrients we lose during the party season, including vitamins B and C and the detoxifying amino acid glutamine.”

Click here to read full article

Marie Claire
December 2013

Let's talk about necks
Environ Skin Care founder Dr Des Fernandes is extensively quoted in a two page feature on tightening loose skin around the neck area. Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Collagen Support is recommended to help support the skin internally.

 Woman's Weekly
6 December 2013
Omega 3 and 6

Lorraine Perretta, head of nutrition at the iiaa, is quoted. 'If your diet doesn't contain enough good fats your skin can't retain moisture and will remain dehydrated, no matter how much water you drink.' Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Omegas are recommended to keep skin hydrated from the inside.

Get the Gloss
2 December 2013

My beauty stash: Liz Hambleton
 Rosie Green goes behind the scenes into Grazia's beauty director Liz Hambleton's beauty stash to find out exactly what she swears by. 'I go to Joanne Evans... she gave me Skin Accumax which really works.' 

Click here to read full article

The Sun The Sun Logo

Vitamin A What's this, a supplement that makes your skin glow and reduces your risk of skin cancer by 40 per cent? Yep, according to recent research*, which found that taking a high daily dose of vitamin A lowers the risk of melanoma. Your stores of the super nutrient build up after a prolonged period, so get started now with Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vit A, £16.95 for 60 capsules, but don't forget to slap on that SPF too!"

Click here to read the full article on page 37 Skin Vit A buy now

You You Logo

"Jane Iredale, founder of the eponymous mineral make-up range, tells me she has seen good results on the faces and bodies of acne- and rosacea-prone adults with a course of Skin Accumax™. This supplement contains vitamins A, C and E and a nutrient complex found in broccoli." 

Click here to read the full article

Cosmopolitan Cosmo Logo

“Some powerful nutrients help the body burn fat and keep skin plump and healthy.  Look for Omega 3 and 6, chromium, vitamin C and grape-seed extract.  Six to eight weeks of popping Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Omegas shoulddo the trick.”

Hello Magazine hello magazine logo

“With the active ingredients in Advanced Nutrition Programme’s™ Skin Vitality1, your skin will see the results.” MARIE CLAIRE LOGO

“The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Party Pack has three daily supplements containing the essential nutrients we lose during the party season, including vitamins B and C and the detoxifying amino acid glutamine. “

Cosmetic News


The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ has selected a balanced combination of natural ingredients aimed at supporting nail growth and condition. The key ingredients in Nail Science include biotin, calcium, horsetail and specially selected vitamins and minerals which research has shown provide specific benefits for nails.

Spa Secrets Spa Secrets

“Can’t shift those extra pounds?  There’s light at the end of the tunnel with Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Digest-Pro capsules, a digestive enzyme supplement to assist with weight loss and reduce bloating.”   

New New Magazine

“Soon after taking Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Omegas, my skin had much more natural moisture. I didn’t need to moisturise three times a day and even the few blemishes I had cleared up.  I’d definitely continue to take them."  

News of the world News of the world

“Nail Science by the Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is packed with biotin – a super ingredient known as vitamin H – that’s essential for strengthening and moisturising nails. After twice daily usage, 91 per cent of people felt their nails were stronger.”

Zest Magazine

Zest Magazine

“Green tea is a great source of accessible antioxidants for skin.  Find it in Advanced Nutrition Programme™ Skin Defender.”