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Back in Balance

Until relatively recently, beauty therapists have been trained to focus on applying products topically. However, an increasing body of evidence suggests that the nutrients we consume also have a dramatic effect on our skin and wellbeing.

For this reason, it’s important to balance the powerful cocktail of nutrients found in topical creams with internal supplementation, so that you’re feeding the skin from inside and out. Vitamin A is a classic example of how nutrients can maintain healthy skin from the inside as well as topically. It’s one of the key beauty vitamins, yet 95% of women in the UK don’t get enough.

- “ -
I believe everyone should supplement with Vitamin
A everyday...We know that it assists the immune
system, suppresses skin cancer and makes us less
sun sensitive. This means that the skin is more
resistant to burning and is better able to defend
itself against external aggressors.
- ” -
Dr Des Fernandes

Omega oils are another example – they complement the effects of a moisturiser by helping to maintain the skin’s lipids, enabling it to retain moisture. The beauty industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of balancing topical skincare with internal supplementation. According to market research experts at Mintel*, the vitamins and dietary supplements market was worth £738m in the UK in 2015 and is expected to rise to £788m by 2017.

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95% of women in the U don't get enough vitamin A in their diet