The 5 minute bedtime skincare routine that works

It feels like time is always of the essence, but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing great skin! Believe it or not you can get a glowing complexion in as little as five minutes with this bedtime regime. Get your partner to do it with you – it works for women and men!

Focus on the morning face

When it comes to skincare, it’s common for people to focus on their morning face, more than their nighttime one. But just because you’re going to be sleeping, doesn’t mean you should forgo your bedtime beautification. Not least because how you care for your complexion at night can have a big impact on how it will look the following day. And if you think it’ll take too long? Think again.

This super simple routine can work for men and women and needn’t take more than five minutes of your precious time.


Dirt, grime and bacteria accumulates on your skin during the day and definitely needs to be washed off before bed. But rather than opting for a quick scrub with a harsh soap, which can leave your skin dry and rough, you should turn to a natural cleanser.

But how do you know which cleanser is the right one for you? With the likes of foam cleaners, micella waters, and moisturising cleansers on the market it can be difficult to work out what one will work for your skin type.

If you’re not using it as a mask then you just wash it off with warm water and you’re ready for the next step.


The best way to get the most of your moisturiser or oil is to use it while the skin is still damp so that moisture gets sealed in.

How to use the oil: You can get an A-list worthy facial by following Nichola Joss’ incredible facial massage. Nichola – whose client list includes Meghan Markle, Gisele Bundchen and JLo – insists the simple but effective massage will help relieve tension and stress from the muscles, and the gentle pushing and massaging motions will help keep your face toned and lifted.

It’s an all-natural, next generation cleanser which is great for most skin types and since it cleanses, removes makeup, exfoliates and acts as a facial mask, it can cut down the time – and number of products – spent on your skincare regime.

This step takes even less time than the others, but can deliver a longtime punch when taken consistently. Lumity Morning and Night Supplements deliver great results but with very little effort, which means that so long as you remember to take them morning and night, your body can reap the rewards.

They offer nutritonal support around the clock, delivering the right nutrients at the right time and are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty omegas.

Not only will your skin benefit but your hair, nails, immune system and energy levels will all be given a boost as well. They’ll also help protect and promote healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

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