Your guide to youthful, glowing skin for every age


Models showing youthful, glowing skin


Two factors contribute to ageing, biological and lifestyle. As our skin changes so should our daily skincare regime and like most things in life, it’s better to be proactive at an earlier age to help form the best foundation for healthy-looking, glowing skin. Every hour, our body is making 200 million skin cells, so it is important that we are feeding our future skin with a healthy diet packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Supplements can play a key role to achieve 50% feed but you should also incorporate 50% topical to support skin health and overall wellbeing.


All ages: Where should you start?

Taking one of our skin-friendly bacteria formulas should be an essential start for your supplement routine regardless of age. This helps nurture the gut and skin – as research suggests skin is a reflection of gut health and is closely linked to the appearance of our skin.


To target ageing concerns (fine lines, dryness, uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity), our researchers recommend taking Skin Youth Biome™ for a smooth, youthful-looking complexion. To support reactive skin, you should select our award-winning supplement Skin Clear Biome™ for a perfect, flawless finish.


Furthermore, taking our Skin Vitality multivitamin should be key. Containing 28 ingredients for total skin, nail, and body health*, this modern multivitamin is full of goodness to support modern, demanding lifestyles.


As well as these daily essentials, our researchers have created a guide to ensure you’re putting your best skin forward and taking the right supplements for every decade. Here’s how to age youthfully, support skin health and achieve a coveted, radiant complexion.


Be proactive in your twenties:


Skin Omegas+, Skin Collagen Synergy and Skin Accumax™


To reap the best rewards for your skin, you should aim to start your skin supplement routine as early as possible, starting in your twenties is ideal to delay common challenges like dullness, premature signs of age and address imperfections.


Incorporating our sustainably sourced Skin Omegas+ as part of your supplement routine, acts like an internal moisturiser from head to toe, giving your skin a radiant glow. Who doesn’t want glowing skin at any age?


Did you know from our mid-20s, we lose 1% of collagen every year? With this in mind, it’s important to start early and support your collagen production. Skin Collagen Synergy, our innovative science-led supplement system, helps activate your own collagen**. Containing four unique capsules, 32 ingredients with a 28-day supply, it creates a more volumised and plump look to the skin.


Skin imperfections are common especially in our stress-filled twenties (and beyond). Specifically developed for problem skin, Skin Accumax™ the supplement saviour helps clear and smooth skin for a flawless complexion and has been endorsed by skincare professionals worldwide.


Protect your skin in your thirties:


Skin Moisture IQ, Skin Collagen Synergy and Skin Ultimate


In our thirties or, if you’re just starting your supplement journey, it’s time to focus more on our antioxidants to further safeguard the skin from free radicals such as external environments, pollution, and stress which can accelerate the ageing process. Additionally, we should seek out more skin-supporting ingredients such as vitamin A*, vitamin C*, omega-3 fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin to counteract common skin challenges. Choosing supplements can be overwhelming so our skin researchers have developed smart supplement systems which cocktail together specific capsules in daily pods in a convenient 28-day supply.


For those experiencing dryness, dehydrated -looking skin or sensitivity, our Skin Moisture IQ comes with five intelligent capsules containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, omegas-3 and 6, vitamins A and D for nonstop moisture and smooth, supple, skin.


To upweight your healthy ageing regime, Skin Collagen Synergy is recommended for those following a vegan lifestyle for rejuvenated and luminous-looking skin.


Seeking 100% beauty benefits? Our award-winning Skin Ultimate smart supplement system features daily pods of five supplements for skin, hair, and nail health^. Each pod contains the essential Skin Omegas+, Skin Vit A+, Skin Antioxidant capsule packed with seven super plant nutrients, including bilberry, turmeric root, green tea, grape seed extract, beta carotene, lycopene and selenium, which all help safeguard the skin. Additional supplements include a combination of Skin Asta-boost and Skin CoQ10 which helps brighten your complexion and improve elasticity so you can look and feel skin confident.



Support your skin in your forties, fifties, and sixties


Skin Moisture IQ, Skin Collagen Synergy, Skin Ultimate and Pro-Vitality


Our smart skin supplement systems are our most comprehensive toolkit for your skincare needs so work for your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. We also recommend to compliment with both professional treatments and topical cosmeceutical skincare.


Entering the forties and onwards, our nutritional needs become more demanding, so we may need some extra support for our heart, cognitive function, muscles, bones, and energy levels. Adding Pro-Vitality Formula provides an all-in-one for overall wellbeing* with a total of six daily supplements including specific capsules for energy* and cognitive* function to help support brain fog.


Choosing supplements can be overwhelming. With over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of nutrition, medicine and skincare, our skin research team have developed our “skin consultation” tool to navigate you through.


*Vitamins and minerals play a role in the maintenance of normal skin (vitamin C, A, B2, zinc), hair (biotin, selenium) and nails (selenium, zinc) as well as in many body functions such as energy metabolism and psychological functions (B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, biotin) and the maintenance of bones and muscles (vitamin D).


**Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.


^Vitamin C and Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin with biotin contributing to the maintenance of normal hair, selenium and zinc to normal hair and nails.