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Problem Skin is on the Rise

Skin Accumax

A study of 92 private dermatology clinics last year found a 200% increase in the number of adults seeking problematic skin treatments. The causes can vary but stress, poor nutrition, genetics and unruly hormones are the key culprits.

The temptation is to treat it topically, but the real solution is to take a holistic approach.

40% of adult women in the UK suffer regular breakouts

69% of men describe it as their ‘grooming nightmare’


Breakouts are often the result of excess sebum, a hormonal imbalance and hyper keratinisation, so although topical treatments can improve symptoms they can’t combat the underlying cause. Skin Accumax™, from our Advanced Nutrition ProgrammeTM range, is a hero product. This truly groundbreaking supplement tackles the root cause of the problem with a unique combination of vitamins plus a special phytonutrient to bring the body back into balance. Ellie, a young woman from Manchester who suffered from persistent outbreaks was amazed at how clear it made her skin: “Out of all the treatments I’ve tried, I’d rate it 11 out of ten